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Soul Food

This project started during the pandemic lockdown when people were missing sharing meals with one another and going out to eat, and the number of those experiencing food insecurity grew tremendously. People go hungry every day, in every community. If you have something to share consider donating directly and/or I'd also like to invite you to play along and help me show continued support for Free Lunch ATX (a collective of Austin creatives working to reduce food insecurity by growing, cooking and serving healthy food to those in need.) 


COMMISSIONS- Doesn’t the idea of a dinner party sound FUN? Imagine there are no limitations at all…What will you serve and who would you invite to create the ultimate celebratory feast for the senses? You get to play a creative part in the commission by sending me your VIP guest list and I’ll create fun portraits to bring them (in spirit) to your table! It could be a hero from history or it could be your great-grandma and her green bean casserole (and just maybe those are one and the same.) It could be your best friends being able to "hang" with you all the time. Email me your ideas at! $75 for each 12x12" original. 


ROCK STAR POTLUCK- Once in an interview, Daniel Johnson was asked, “Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?” And he replied, “All the dead rock stars.” I've been having fun creating silly renditions of musicians (many still living) with favorite foods from life or song. These originals are available for $50. Also available as prints, and can be printed on kitchen and dining items like magnets, coasters, aprons or reusable grocery totes via my Redbubble shop.


POP ART PLACEMATS- There are so many songs about food! So far I've mainly focused on fruits, inspired by the healthy foods Free Lunch provides, and repeated imagery in a pop art style. You can purchase 11x17" laminated placemats which are easy to wipe clean, especially awesome if you have little ones but fun for all ages. Theseare $8 each link> Pop Art Placemats 

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