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The process and practice of art transports me to magical places...

Like many artists, I sometimes fall in love with the mixing palette or messy spills- those behind the scenes aspects of creating “finished products.” The background used here is the dropcloth I’ve used the past several months while working on numerous projects. My children have created and added many endearing doodles here as well. The humble dropcloth, in essence, encapsulates all of my recent body of work. It has captured so many magical drips and moments I decided to bring IT front and center as my “Magic Carpet” and I think it will be fun and engaging to invite gallery visitors to take a ride in a crazy, interactive art experience! How often does one get permission to ride the art?! This art is not off limits. If scuff marks are added it will add to its story. Hoping others will be inspired to unleash their inner child and let imagination take flight!



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