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The process and practice of art transports me to magical places...

Like many artists, I sometimes fall in love with the mixing palette or messy spills- those behind the scenes aspects of creating “finished products.” The background used here is the dropcloth I’ve used the past several months while working on numerous projects. My children have created and added many endearing doodles here as well. The humble dropcloth, in essence, encapsulates all of my recent body of work. It has captured so many magical drips and moments I decided to bring IT front and center as my “Magic Carpet” and I think it will be fun and engaging to invite gallery visitors to take a ride in a crazy, interactive art experience! How often does one get permission to ride the art?! This art is not off limits. If scuff marks are added it will add to its story. Hoping others will be inspired to unleash their inner child and let imagination take flight!



Seeing something through a different lens can make one pause and appreciate in new ways...people pass blindly by Austin's remaining existing moonlight towers all the time, in large part because there are so many other light sources. The same could be said of musicians in our town; we are wildly fortunate to be inundated by so much talent that sometimes amazing bands can just get lost in the noise. My art aims to illuminate and amplify!


The preservation of all that’s good about Cajun culture owes a TON to Dewey Balfa. My current work is one small reflection of his influence. Beyond teaching respect for one’s unique heritage, Balfa helped pass along a general appreciation for the joys of music to younger generations. One of the highlights of my elementary years was having Balfa visit our Louisiana public school with other musicians to not only play for us but teach us to play! (The pattern in the background of my Balfa portrait represents the triangle I learned to clang. We also played spoons and a small traditional wooden instrument). This music appreciation program culminated in my lucky class getting to perform live with Balfa at venues like the Farmer’s Market pavilion in Opelousas (pictured) and Mulate’s restaurant in Breaux Bridge. Such a positive overall experience that I hope to pay forward through my art and my work in art education. Merci, Mr. Balfa!


“You should be proud of your nationality. You should be proud of your region. I want to respect your culture; you respect my culture. And if we ever learn to do this, America is a beautiful country, but it would even be more beautiful. And we can do that.” ~Dewey Balfa

My dancing could be classified much the same as my art- loose, fun, and fancy-free!


My husband and I share a favorite memory of Warren Storm, the godfather of swamp pop. I believe it was out at Pat's Atchafalya Club in Henderson, La. In what he intended to be a crack at our "freestyle" dance moves, he leaned over as we passed on the dancefloor during a waltz and muttered, "This 'aint no jitterbug!" We were thrilled at the suggestion, however sarcastic, that we knew how to jitterbug- ha!

The word “cool” never sounded so cool as off the lips of Robert Plant as I handed him one of my very first, hot off the press business cards.

I was drawn in by twinkling eyes, giant smile, and a seemingly genuine, fun-loving spirit. I somehow had the nerve to share a little bit about my art and he actually listened and was encouraging! It was a magical Austin moment.


I like to believe that Amped Art Studio was blessed by a rock god.

Words to describe a self portrait if I were to paint one? Perhaps, but moreso the aim of this blog. For the sake of my time and yours I just want to share a few background nuggets for fun as the mood strikes. I'm feeling inspired by the down-to-earth, digestible musings of Wendy Rodrigue as I'm currently enjoying her book "The Other Side of the Painting."


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